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Cute and l337

About this journal:
Welcome to a new community, specified for females...But in this day and age who are we to judge? Therefore males are welcome. =) This community was created by me, as another outlet for my immense g33k like traits. Here will be discussed anything that makes you a g33k g!rl. Have fun and be supportive.
For all: In general.. just try to be nice. No flamming or name calling.. For visiting males: Same as above. Also: Don't try and pick up any chicks here (Unless of course, they want to be picked up that is..)
As I stated in my first post.. I'm working on things. Feel free to sign the "GuestBook" with any comments or suggestions. thanks..

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Sound issues. [15 Dec 2006|06:50am]

I'm currently expeiencing some issues with my sound card or perhaps it's the onboard sound? I run a game or program jsut fine.. then on the other hand I run teamspeak or ventrillo just fine.. but if I try to two of these at the same time, I get a crackle and popping sound, then other people talking in vent or ts start to cut out. And my mic ceases to work.. This makes being part of a team difficult.. Anyone have any suggestions beyond updating my drivers? Cause I did that already. =P
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[14 Oct 2006|11:44am]

Warning, it's long.Collapse )
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New member of the 1337! [20 Jun 2006|01:15pm]

Hey, I'm new around here. Haven't noticed much activity, so i thought an intro post might be a good idea.

I love technology, computers , anime, manga, drawing and cars! Huzzah! Alot of my friends say that I'm alot like a guy, but that's okay by me!

I love making websites and layouts, photoshop is love as well.

My favorite animes include colorful, excel saga, naruto, excaflowne and kodocha.

I watch most things subtitles, because usually they're alot worse after dubbing. (Colorful is a big exception)

And i think that's all for now ^^
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Another Reason [27 Feb 2006|09:29am]

To download Trillian!


Now it's possibile to add your mIRC nicks to Trillian! Below you'll find a picture of my own Trillian/Irc connection. (Visual aides are sometimes best.) I included a picture of where to add in your identity pass upon connection. Any questions? Just ask.

If the pic is killing your F-List let me know. I'll slap it under a cut... I'm to tired right now to look up or think about the code for it.

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[25 Feb 2006|12:34pm]

Thanks to fluidman for letting me know that I killed the layout.. All fixed now.
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